Bearfighter-Photographer for brute souls

„My pictures are recollections of the martial man”

The photographer, who goes by the name of “Bearfighter”, is 39 years old and lives and works in Cologne/Germany.

His powerful pseudonym was taken from his days as an active heavy weight wrestler, during which the first genuine photos originated.

“…because I wanted to see men fighting & sweating…”

Applying a self-educated approach and his trained eye for detail, he began to immerse himself in photography. Using friends from the bear scene as subjects for his work, his hobby quickly developed into a new profession. Soon thereafter, he made his debut as an artist for the first time in the popular bear bar COX in Cologne. International exhibitions in Zürich, Paris, Amsterdam & Brussels.
followed very successfully soon.

“Guided by a "vision" I follow a very concrete idea what I want to show in my photos.
Rough & impetuous like a Viking, uncontrolled and irrepressible like a pirate, noble and proud like a warrior…all captured in my mind’s eye.
All of these impressions are reflected in my photography as a reminder to all men & their strength. Real brute souls”.
Parts of his photographic work was also projected on the screen over the dancefloor during the famous beardances “Furball” in Amsterdam & the “Cockpit” party in Cologne.
October 06, Europes biggest gay book publisher, Bruno Gmünder, released a book called “Visions”,a compilation of gay male photography.
This very nice designed book contains 6 pages of Bearfighter’s best photos.
The international bear magazine “Eurobear” collaborates regularly with Bearfighter.